Date Night

April 18, 2010

Date Night turn out to be a great movie with great chemistry between Tina and Steve, i love the comic style of both, but i was a little unsure if there comic styles will work together, and for viewers benefit it does!!, the movie is non-stop action from start to finish, and never lets the pace down, i really liked the car scene, and the dance scene they were hilarious, and Tina Fey really looked hot dancing the Sex Robot LOL; the movie is great is well written; and directed by Shawn Levy, the best scene is the car chase that i didn’t expected to be that good of a scene ended up being the most funniest and well made of the movie, the movie right off the start shows off that is a great movie, the jokes in the movie are great, are fabulous, the script written by Josh Klausner who also wrote Shrek 3 and the upcoming film Shrek Forever, does a great job at this one, i mean i got to tell you when i saw the Trailer, i was thinking, this movie sucks, but no way, its the best comedy so far this year, great comedy script, great direction, great chemistry between actors, what more can you ask for?… go buy your movie ticket right now!!!


Friends Movie

April 17, 2010

What the story be if they made a Movie about Friends?

There was some rumors early in the year about a friends film, but was then denied, all 6 actors have said that they would love to make a friends movie, but the question is at where point would the movie start?… should it start where the series left off?.. should it be in the future?… friends ended in 2004 today is 2010 if they were to start filming today probably would be a 2011 release so it would be 7 years, would it be about 40 year old friends with kids and baby in the picture?…  would it be worth to make a movie about a TV sit-com that is perfect as it is at this moment in the minds of the fans, although there are a lot a fans out there that want a movie to be made, but what many of us don’t know is that the movie better be well written or would end up ruining the whole friends franchise, also would it be strange if a cast member made a joke in the movie and no laugh track is heard, would it still be funny?… so far we haven’t heard any possibilities or ideas from the cast members, like how would they think the characters  should be after they left the apartment, Kaufman and Bright haven’t said anything about a friends movie, but given  the latest box office success with sex and the city their is sure room for a friends movie at the movie theaters, but the question again is it worth risking the TV series? … that’s why is so important the script that would be made for the movie, the movie has to have Rachel and Ross getting married, Joey and Phoebe separately getting married, Chandler and Monica living as a married couple, but… as i am writing this this is starting to look too predictable for a friends movie,  so the fans wouldn’t be surprised at all, the Friends movie would have to be as real as possible, i mean when the series started back in 1994 it was about how 6 people dealt with their daily lives, so i think this is a starting point for a friend movie, if they are going to write it do it in a present realism, not based on the past TV series; could be like 40 yr old friends who reunite in today’s present time, anyway the story is still not clearly defined thats of course because there is no story for a Friends movie, but we fans hope that Kaufman and Bright will deliver us a last Big episode of Friends.

Back to rebooted?

April 17, 2010

should BTTF should be rebooted? different actors? new storyline?
same delorean? or change the cars model?
i do think so they should reboot the story, with new funny actors
although i dontknow who could play doc brown
christopher walken? or chis Lloyd again
marty mcfly tobey mguire
biff tannen seth rogen?

Or make a prequel???
based on the characters but different actors???

or continue the storyline leftbehind in BTTF 3
doc time-traveling in the flying train

what do you think???

Step up 3-D 2010

April 3, 2010

When i heard this one on 3-D, i was a little surprised, but anyway i think is going to be as good as previews movies, the question is going to be how good is going to look on 3D?, Director Chu filmed the entire movie with 3-D cameras so that effort should be seen in the final product, 3-D is right now the hottest thing in teathers, i think from now on will be seing a lot of 3-D films, this one is a MUST-WAtch MOVIE i like break dance, ant this is one of those movie you just cant miss, and is on 3-D, The trailer is out right now.

Austin Powers 4 2013

April 3, 2010

Austin Powers 4 has a 2013 release date, but is still in the early stages, Austin hasn’t got yet a Fem-bot, or a babe? i think that the most important thing is the script after Austin Powers 3 i think some of the fans trilogy were a little disappointing with the storyline, anyway i think Mike Myers has enough time not to rush an Austin Powers Movie, Jay Roach has confirmed that he will come back as director, the cast hasnt been assembled yet but make no excuse that Mike Myers will choose the best possible as he has done early in the Power Movies i truly believe, Hope More news develop on this film.

Alice In Wonderland Movie Review March 5 2010

March 24, 2010

Alice in wonderland is a fantasy movie based on the Lewis Carrol novel that according to Wikipedia this is the 25th adaption of the famous book that goes by the same name as you may all well know, but Burton’s side of the story is a slighty different version, based on what he said in a an interview with the showbiz 411 (1) at the premiere in Leicester Square, said that he wanted to take the character of the Lewis Carrol Story and put them in another context so he will think that was going to be more real to the audiences.

The movie is as you expect from a Burton film a visual treat, and so are the characters, mostly Mad Hatter who is probably the best of all of them, combining a great characterization from Deep and Funny moments that made the movie more enjoyable, Mia Wasikowska gave a good performance characterizing Alice, being only her second film she has act in, the previous one being Defiance, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway did the Red Queen and White Queen respectably doing a good characterization for both parts that shows that they wore the perfect for the roles in Burton’s Film, that has already 3 consecutive weeks on top grossing over 250,000,000; beating new movies like Diary of a wimpy Kid and Bounty Hunter that are new Releases.